Good health…isn’t that what we all want? Good health and good wealth? They say that if we work hard these things will come to us. So why is it that we usually find ourselves stressed and feel overworked? There is an answer, we aren’t happy. But we can be! Just by being positive, seeing the silver linings in things and not sweating the small stuff. We can lower our stress and dramatically raise our confidence and in turn become much healthier. It sounds simple, but it is like a difficult task. Let’s face facts, changing the way you think and do is a major lifestyle change. Any lifestyle change is hard but is usually always worth it.

First, what is the definition of “Wellness”? Wellness: The state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. But did you know that mental health and physical health are one in the same. The psychological and chemical processes that control your neural, hormonal, and immune systems all use the same neuropepticals in order to communicate with each other. In laments terms, the Mind and Body use the same one phone line to talk to each other. Doesn’t it make sense then, that if you feel sad or stressed your body feels sluggish and unwilling to move much, same goes the other way as well, if you are unhappy with your body than your mind is less motivated to do much about it. Your mind effects your health, and your health your mind. Staying positive is an extremely effective way to battle stress and stay healthy. People who tend to have a more positive outlook on things are more motivated to make healthier decisions. Also, they tend to have stronger immune systems and can bounce back from a medical setback quicker. They live longer, look younger, and stay stronger for longer. It even gives you a stronger defense against Cancer!  Those who look on the brighter side of things are 58% more likely to live five years longer with exercise compared to those who put themselves down.

Keep an open mind. Look at every situation in many different ways to broaden your sense of possibilities. Negative emotions narrows the mind and limits the options you see around you. Over time you could learn new skills and new ways to do things that you could apply to different aspects of your life to make doing certain things easier and more efficient.  Turn the little voice in your head into a constant ray of optimistic sunshine. Instead of dreading a task at work tackle it head on and conquer your position.

If you put good in you will get good out. Try to keep a healthy pH balanced meal, to heal your body doctors recommend an 80% Alkaline to a 20% Acidic food balance, a healthy more balanced diet is a 60/20 ratio. You can find foods in these categories online. Eat good foods but do not “Diet,” the goal is to smile more and stress less, cutting out all the foods you love to eat forever only does more bad than good, as you long for them while you eat a plain salad. Track your progress, being able to look back and see what you all the little victories you’ve accomplished will motivate you to keep going and in turn will dramatically build your confidence.

Be happy! Make time for fun, reserve a slot in your daily agenda just for yourself. Remember to smile and try to laugh everyday whether it’s spending time with friends, family, or just watching or reading something comical. Keep a hobby or two that keeps you productive and proud of your skills. Stay in touch, but stay sane, don’t worry about “keeping up with the Jones’s.” Express your feelings, even if you’re not one to talk about them, write them down along with everything that you are grateful for to balance the good with the bad. Boredom and loss of purpose along with keeping it all bottled up is a main way to kill the good and stray from your path of motivation. Remember staying positive is staying healthy!