“We implemented Patterson-Bryant’s Wellness Program and have reduced our overall medical claims by an alarming 31.6% in the first 12 months.

– R. Borngessor, CEO

Ask Us About Wellness!

What Is A Wellness Program?

Patterson Bryant offers a wellness program to lower health care cost and achieve higher employee productivity. Numerous studies have indicated health care costs can be reduced by implementing wellness programs. Patterson Bryant offers comprehensive, evidence based wellness programs for improving employee health.

Our programs focus on behavior modification leading to healthier lifestyles. Our program lowers employee health risks for chronic preventable diseases resulting in lower claims cost. Many wellness programs focus on participation, but we have learned that active on going engagement is the key difference between a wellness program and an effective wellness program. We help to build a culture of wellness and promote self-awareness through fun, engaging programs.

Comprehensive Wellness

Comprehensive wellness begins with the creation of a biometric baseline for all participants in the program. All participants are screened and our provider will install its health kiosk at your location. The health kiosk is utilized for weekly health monitoring as well as to facilitate remote health screenings. Employees are also required to submit a Healthy Behaviors Assessment which will give participants a health score.

Once the screening and assessment are completed, participants will receive an initial call from a health counselor. The Health Counselor will then design a program based on the participants particular needs and will follow up in 6 months to track progress. Employees with risk are going to be set up with target risk programs to allow them to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Employers can also include program incentives in efforts to get more employees involved in the program.

Multiple Benefits of Wellness

We have seen medical premiums lower during renewal as a result of implementing our Wellness Program and employee production has increased, healthy employees tend be happier and more productive employees. Workplace wellness programs can help you to get healthier, even if that means learning how to reduce stress or muscle strain while on the job. Wellness programs also help employees to lose weight, lower their cholesterol and blood pressure. Our Wellness Program provides you with strategic advantages and helps to lower health care cost.

Why Choose Wellness?

  • Engagement

    Build a culture of wellness and promote self awareness through fun, engaging programming and social media tools

  • Improvement

    Drive long term behavioral changes and stabilize claim costs

  • Coaching

    Health Coaching for employees’ specific needs

  • Education

    Program and Resources education

Benefits of Wellness

Tobacco Quit Rate
Group Participation
Net Weight Loss
presentation board

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