Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say:

We selected Patterson-Bryant based upon their expertise and reputation. During our 3-year tenure with Patterson-Bryant, we’ve realized an approximate savings of over $850,000. As the annual increase in healthcare continues to climb, Patterson-Bryant has provided us with viable and workable solutions that have exceeded our expectations.
E. Williams, Finance Director
Patterson-Bryant has helped us to secure affordable insurance with excellent coverage. As insurance costs continue to escalate, they have kept us informed of options to keep our costs manageable and coverage adequate. Patterson-Bryant, Inc. has also taken a very active interest in the children for whom we provide services.
Y. Richardson, Executive Director
Patterson Bryant’s core values are embodied in how they do business and how they interact with their clients, colleagues and associates. I recommend them to any organization that is looking for a benefits company that has stellar customer service, innovative ideas and who will provide excellent service and commitment.
J. Anderson, Chairman and CEO
We are an agency committed to providing the best benefits we can for our employees and their families. Patterson-Bryant has been an incredible partner in helping us provide cost-effective yet competitive benefits for our employees. They go above and beyond in providing excellent customer service, and their follow-through is impeccable.
L. Skinner, Director Of Human Resources

Our History

In 1980, Darryll Patterson and N.Z. Bryant Jr. envisioned a full service insurance brokerage company. They formed Patterson-Bryant to fulfill that goal. Since then, Patterson Bryant has evolved into a global employee benefit and business insurance consulting company. Expertise matters, whether you manage a successful business or work for one. One thing is for certain: everyone needs solid health care coverage. If you manage a successful business, you realize that it’s more efficient to hire trained individuals to do specific jobs rather than to do it all yourself. Insurance benefits are no different.

Patterson Bryant has the expertise you need to make informed, sound decisions. We offer professional benefit solutions that help employers bring strategy and economics together to effectively manage their employee benefits. We work with a wide range of companies, large and small, from 5 to 23,000 employees. We know that your employees are your most valuable assets; that’s why we work so hard to assist you in putting effective measures into place to fight the rising cost of health care. We utilize a variety of cutting-edge methods to provide practical and cost-effective solutions. We leverage our strong ties with all major insurance vendors to negotiate the most beneficial terms for your company.

We pride ourselves on building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients through the timely delivery of services and solutions that are founded on solid business principles. We focus on customer service, solutions, and client retention.

P&B By The Numbers

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Mission Statement

    We commit to give our clients a better buying and servicing experience than they have ever had, while exposing them to products, and services they have never seen. We do this with integrity, compassion, and concern so that we might improve their lives and know that our mission to leave a legacy bigger than ourselves has been fulfilled.

    Open Communication

    We believe in open communication with our clients and prospects throughout the entire life-cycle of a project. Open communication is key to any relationship!

  • Teamwork

    We are committed to working closely with our colleagues, our clients, and outside associates to deliver world-class services and solutions.

  • Collaboration

    We work side by side with our clients to fully understand their unique business and economic requirements and address their challenges.

  • Exceeding Expectations

    We are devoted to getting the job done effectively and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

  • Practical Solutions

    We are dedicated to implementing the right technology for our clients’ benefit environment and are not influenced by the latest and greatest industry trends unless they help cut cost or generate revenue.

  • Project Management

    We embrace a disciplined approach to project management to get the project done in a timely manner and within budget.

Our Awards

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